Chalk is an environmentally friendly and harmless industrial material. Chalk is included with the putty, sealants, grouts. Chalk is widely used in the production of carpets and linoleum.   The use of chalk gives coatings the necessary physical and chemical properties, thermal conductivity, and reduce the cost.

However, the use of chalk is hampered by the ability of conventional chalk to aggregate when moistened. To eliminate this phenomenon, chalk is exposed to additional surface handling with surfactants, which is called hydrophobization. In the process of hydrophobization, we recieve hydrophobic chalk. The importance of chalk in the production of plastics is very high, hydrophobic chalk is widely used in the production of plastic windows, window sills. The most important property of chalk as a filler for plastics and PVC products is its whiteness. Microcalcite is also widely used in construction industry. Microcalcite's whiteness can reach 96-99 %. The microcalcite has a higher resistance to UV radiation. But due to the lower cost of the production of materials where a high degree of whiteness is not important, hydrophobic chalk is used.